Granger lab beach day (with a few Tobias lab members thrown in!)

Veronica, Clare, and Reide doing a weekly sampling of the Pawcatuck River for for PON, nutrients, radon, and N isotopes.

Undergrads Clare and Reide collecting sediment cores off of Elihu Island.

Deploying sensors aboard the 'RV Nugget'

More sediment cores

Veronica and Holly sampling the Pawcatuck on a chilly January day.

Veronica sampling the Pawcatuck off of Westerly Bridge on Route 1.

Danielle and Mar bringing in the CTD aboard the RV Endeavor

Tobias, Böhlke, and Smith discussing strategy - Cape Cod experiment

Danielle sampling groundwater - Cape Cod experiment

Sea ice on the Bering Sea shelf

Big Science

Julie, Danielle, and some awesome female scientists enjoying Fort Lauderdale at the end of the N fixation/Gulf Stream expedition.

Danielle presenting a poster in Paris, France at the 2017 Goldschmidt conference.

NABOS expedition

More Big Science

Nerd Halloween

Autosampler injector on GC-IRMS

Electron micrograph of the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana harvested from a laboratory culture by MARN 4001 students in 2014

Russian ice breaker